New Employers Start Here

Below is a walk through of the steps to become a new employer that utilizes our services.

Dr. Michael Robinson - Chiropractor

Steps for Interested Employers:

Some Questions We Get Asked Often:

Multiple options are available. Billing can be done per patient or a flat fee is also possible.

Yes. Dr. Robinson is capable of billing most insurance companies directly.

Dr. Robinson carries his own Professional Liability insurance, as all chiropractors are required to do.

No, Dr. Robinson is capable of providing a diagnosis, no prescription is needed to see any chiropractor.

No, for anyone who doesn’t like the cracking feeling or sound Dr. Robinson has a non-cracking chiropractic tool.

Per patient, 45 minutes for an initial assessment and 15 for a treatment. Generally Dr. Robinson or his associates should be on site for about 3 hours.

The program is unlikely to catch on immediately; a 3-month commitment is necessary.

Weekly emails are very helpful.

The Balanced Adjustment uses Acuity online booking. Your HR team can also schedule visits.

New Families Start Here

Below you can use our convenient online booking links to schedule your at home chiropractic initial visit based on the amount of family members you need adjusted.

For all chiropractic services, direct billing to benefits providers is available!
Dr. Michael Robinson - Chiropractor

Simple Step for Families:

1 Family Member Initial Visit

2 Family Members Initial Visit

3 Family Members Initial Visit

4 Family Members Initial Visit

5 Family Members Initial Visit

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